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Run away!

Run away from this salon! I was there with my daughter who wanted a haircut on floors! I immediately saw that the woman did not know how to cut hair at all! Even though we said how we wanted it several times she cut it straight and it took 3 hours! It shortened the hair tremendously! In the end they charged me 81€ for that! A child's haircut, 3 hours and ruined hair cost me 81€! I asked for what if the hair is in a straight line and the price list says women's long hair cut 30€! They told me that after 12:00 it was double!!!! Other women have been to the salon for the same thing and paid a lot less! BE CAREFUL! The price list is incorrect! The other hairdresser who was there told me she could sit back in the chair to fix her hair and just took a razor and started cutting everywhere! We left and immediately made an appointment with another hairdresser to fix my child's messed up hair! These can't cut at all! The salon was covered in cat and dog hair sitting there! Zero hygiene! I regret going there, it was in a nice place and I thought they were good but they are not! Run!